Saturday, October 30, 2010

phones..ini pendapat peribadi...


For some people, smartphones are not an option –
they’re either:
too expensive
too fancy
too complicated
not comfort to hold

this is understandable??

people like me, yes i don't like blackberry like shape...

still consider the old-fashion-style shape as the best

lately, iam browse on google in searching for new handphone
to replace my 3 years old

samsung SGH-E210

so i got this to review

sony erricson Elm

iam already 'usha' this hp for almost 6 month... still win my heart :)

greenheart version from sony

at the price below rm700, u get

(this compulsory now)

camera 5MP
(i dont want to have too many gadget to bring while outdoor)

other spec are same to any handphone

samsung T559 comeback

this is different, i like it b'coz of it shape
take a look, how easy and comfort to handle
-ade orang kate nset ni cam 'kete kebal' ---> berat dan besar -
(nak kene tembak ke???!! )

a bit disappointed with 2MP camera...

(if its 5MP i buy for sure)

but...still win my heart

nokia E5

suggested by asrul and asyraf
and i think it suite me :)

i dont read much about this hp...
so i just can say,
'all spec has no much different from it version'
and it cheap ---> <800>

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compare to those three;
model: Nokia E5 ericsson ELM follow

specs & functions: nokia E5, Samsung comeback goes 2nd

price: nokia E5

in a nutshell, pilihla hp selain nokia E5 sebab aku nk beli..nti same mcm aku.... LOL